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Vivo's International Mystery: Same Phone, Different Names

Vivo, the popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has a curious strategy when it comes to its global market: releasing the same device under different names in different regions. While this may seem like an unnecessary complication, there's more to it than meets the eye.

The Rationale Behind the Renaming

Vivo's decision to use different names for the same phone stems from several key factors:

    • Market Localization: Different countries have varying preferences and cultural nuances. By using names that resonate better with local consumers, Vivo aims to enhance its brand image and appeal. For instance, a name like "Vivo X80 Pro" might sound more premium in China than "Vivo V25 Pro" elsewhere.
    • Product Differentiation: Even if the hardware is identical, subtle software tweaks or regional variations might warrant a different name. This allows Vivo to tailor the phone's branding and marketing to specific demographics.
    • Competition: The mobile market is fiercely competitive, and brand recognition plays a crucial role. By using different names, Vivo can differentiate itself from rivals in different markets, avoiding unnecessary competition with its own products.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Two-Name Strategy

This strategy has its advantages and disadvantages:


    • Stronger Brand Image: Localized names can resonate better with local audiences, boosting brand recognition and appeal.
    • Targeted Marketing: Tailored marketing campaigns can be implemented based on specific regional preferences.
    • Reduced Competition: Differentiated names can prevent confusion and competition between Vivo's own products in different markets.


    • Brand Confusion: Customers may be confused by the different names, making it difficult to compare models across regions.
    • Marketing Challenges: Implementing separate marketing strategies for different names can be resource-intensive.
    • Limited Brand Recognition: Localized names may not carry the same weight as established global names.

The Future of Vivo's Naming Strategy

Vivo's two-name strategy has proven effective in establishing its presence in various global markets. However, as the company continues to expand, it may need to re-evaluate its approach. A more unified global branding strategy could lead to greater brand recognition and a stronger competitive edge.

Ultimately, Vivo's naming strategy reflects its commitment to adapting to diverse market preferences while maintaining its global ambitions. Only time will tell if this approach will continue to be successful in the ever-evolving landscape of the mobile phone industry.

Here are some of the models we've put together:

China Overseas
S1 V15
S1 Pro V15Pro
S7 V20Pro
S16/S16PRO V27/V27Pro
S16E V27E 4G
S17/S17PRO V29/V29PRO
S12 V23 5G
S12Pro V23Pro
S10E 5G V23E 4G/5G/Y75 4G
S15Pro V25Pro
S15E Z6Pro
V11 V11 Pro
V11i V11/V11i
V17印度版 V19Indonesia
V19印度版 V19India
V20 V20
Y10 Y15S 2021/Y15/T15A
Y16 4G/Y56 5G/T2x 5G/Y35 5G Y16 4G/Y02S 4G
Y21/Y33S Y21/Y33S
Y22S/Y22 Y22S/Y22
Y3/Y17 Y11/Y12/Y15/Y17/Y12i
Y30 Y20/Y20S/Y20i/Y12S
Y35 4G Y35 4G
Y35 5G/Y35M Y16 4G
Y35m+ 5G/Y35+ 5G Y72 4G
Y35 Plus/Y27 4G Y35 Plus/Y27 4G
Y50 Y50/Y30/Y30i
Y51 2020/2021 Y53S 4G国外版/Y31 2021
Y51 2020印度版/Y31 2021/Y51A Y31 2021/Y51A
Y53 Y53
Y55 Y55
Y66/Y65 V5Lite
Y67 V5/V5S
Y70 Y70
Y71 Y71
Y75 V7
Y78 5G Y36 5G
Y78Plus 5G Y78  4G
Y79 V7 Plus
Y7S S1
Y81无指纹/Y83 Y83/Y81
Y85 V9
Y91/Y95 Y91/Y95/Y93
Y93 Y91C/Y93
Y9S/V17 S1 Pro
Z5X Z1 Pro

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