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Tech Firms Blast Apple's App Store Changes

A group of over 30 tech companies and organizations, including Spotify and Epic Games, have criticized Apple's proposed changes to its App Store policies, claiming they fall short of complying with the European Union's new Digital Markets Act (DMA).

These groups believe Apple's modifications, implemented in response to the DMA, actually solidify their control over app developers. The DMA aims to foster competition within the tech industry by allowing alternative app stores and giving developers more freedom in payment processing.

Apple's proposed changes do permit alternative app stores and opting out of their payment system, but it imposes a "core technology fee" on developers who choose this option. Critics argue this fee undermines the intended benefits of the DMA and maintains Apple's dominant position.

The letter, sent to the European Commission, urges them to take action if Apple's changes don't fully comply with the DMA regulations. This development highlights the ongoing tension between tech giants and regulators seeking to level the playing field within the digital marketplace.

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