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Rumor: iPhone 17 Plus to Feature Smaller Screen

The iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro Max both feature a 6.7" screen size. Rumors suggest the iPhone 16 Plus will maintain this screen size. However, a new rumor indicates a change for the iPhone 17 Plus, which is expected to have a smaller screen size according to Ross Young from Display Supply Chain Consultants.

Young hasn't specified the exact size of the iPhone 17 Plus' screen but suggests it will position the phone between the standard iPhone 17 and the iPhone 17 Pro Max. If the iPhone 16 Pro Max increases to 6.9", a similar change could apply to the iPhone 16 Plus.

While it's early in the development cycle of the iPhone 17 series, this rumor, though speculative, could materialize. More concrete size details in the future will provide clarity. Ross Young's reliable track record with such information suggests Apple may indeed use size differentials to distinguish its smartphones next year.

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