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Huawei makes comeback in mid-range 5G phone market

Huawei is planning to launch a mid-range 5G phone in October or November, according to a report in China's IT Times on Tuesday. This would be the latest sign that the Chinese tech giant is overcoming the US sanctions imposed on it in 2019.

The sanctions have restricted Huawei's access to chipmaking tools, making it difficult for the company to produce advanced handsets. As a result, Huawei has only been able to launch a limited number of 5G models using existing stockpiled chips.

However, the launch of a new mid-range 5G phone suggests that Huawei is finding ways to circumvent the sanctions. The company is expected to use a domestically-made 7-nanometer processor in the new phone, which is a significant breakthrough for China's chip industry.

The new phone is likely to be priced at around 2,400 yuan ($329), making it affordable for a wide range of consumers. This could help Huawei to regain market share in the Chinese smartphone market, where it has faced stiff competition from local rivals such as Xiaomi and Oppo.

The launch of the new phone is also a sign that Huawei is not giving up on its global ambitions. Despite the US sanctions, Huawei remains one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world. The launch of a new mid-range 5G phone could help Huawei to maintain its position in the global market and even expand its reach into new markets.

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