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Google, Meta, Qualcomm push for open digital world

Tech giants form coalition for open digital ecosystems in Europe

Responding to new EU regulations and aiming to pre-empt future legislation, a group of 10 tech companies, including Google, Meta, and Qualcomm, have formed the Coalition for Open Digital Ecosystems (CODE). This move signals their commitment to promoting open platforms and systems that foster growth and innovation in Europe.

CODE's focus lies on collaborating with stakeholders like academics, policymakers, and businesses to implement the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and contribute to future EU regulatory frameworks. The DMA mandates "gatekeepers," dominant platforms controlling access, to allow interoperability with third-party services and facilitate off-platform promotions and contracts for business users.

"Openness is the crucial element," said Stan Larroque, founder of Lynx, one of the coalition members. Other notable members include Honor, Lenovo, Motorola, Nothing, Opera, and Wire.

CODE's objective is to achieve an open digital ecosystem through cross-industry collaboration, promoting seamless connectivity and interoperable systems. This initiative aims to create a more competitive and innovative digital landscape in Europe.

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