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EU Considers New Tech Rules for Microsoft Bing and Apple iMessage

EU antitrust regulators are asking Microsoft and Apple users about whether Bing and iMessage, respectively, should comply with the new Digital Markets Act (DMA), according to people familiar with the matter. The Commission opened investigations in September to assess whether these services should be subject to the DMA, which requires large tech companies to allow third-party apps and make it easier for users to switch from default apps.

The Commission sent out questionnaires to rivals and users earlier this month, asking them to rate the importance of these services versus competing services and to provide feedback on how business users rely on them and how they fit into the companies' ecosystems. Respondents have less than a week to provide feedback, and the Commission aims to complete its investigation within five months.

It is unclear whether or not the Commission will decide that Bing and iMessage should be subject to the DMA. However, if they are, it could have a significant impact on the way these services are operated. For example, Microsoft might be required to allow users to set Bing as their default search engine on their iPhones, and Apple might be required to allow users to send and receive text messages from Android users.

The outcome of the Commission's investigation will be closely watched by both the tech industry and consumers alike. It is a sign that the EU is serious about cracking down on the power of large tech companies and promoting competition in the digital market.

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