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Google agrees to settle US Play Store antitrust lawsuit

Google has tentatively settled a class action lawsuit alleging that it overcharged customers on its U.S. Play Store. The settlement is subject to court approval and the terms have not been disclosed. The lawsuit was brought by more than 30 U.S. states and represented 21 million consumers. The plaintiffs alleged that Google's monopoly power in the Android app market allowed it to charge excessive fees for apps and in-app purchases. Google has denied wrongdoing.

The settlement is part of a wider antitrust investigation into Google's business practices. Google is also facing a lawsuit from Epic Games, which alleges that Google illegally maintains its monopoly power in the app market by requiring developers to use its payment system.

The outcome of the Google Play Store settlement could have implications for other antitrust cases against Google. If the settlement is approved, it could signal that Google is willing to settle antitrust cases rather than fight them in court. This could make it easier for regulators to hold Google accountable for its business practices.

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