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Google faces antitrust scrutiny as rivals sue for dominance

Google faces antitrust trial over search dominance

The US government will argue that Google has broken antitrust laws in its efforts to dominate online search. The trial is seen as a major test for Big Tech, which has been accused of stifling competition.

Google is accused of paying billions of dollars to device makers, wireless companies, and browser makers to make its search engine the default option. This has made it difficult for rivals like DuckDuckGo to gain market share.

Google has denied wrongdoing and is prepared to vigorously defend itself. The trial is expected to last several weeks.

The outcome of the trial could have a major impact on the future of Big Tech. If Google is found to have broken antitrust laws, it could be forced to change its business practices or even be broken up.

The trial is being closely watched by other tech companies, who are also facing antitrust scrutiny. The outcome of the case could set a precedent for future antitrust cases.

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